Monday, June 11, 2012



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Victor Mehta:

Does anyone know how to decapulate a substrate epoxy FR-4 material ? What would be the best method in doing so ? Has flylogic taken up similar decapsulations ?


  1. Dear Victor, to remove Epoxy i pfrefer Spiritus C2H6O. You can use Aceton as well. ( C3H6O ) Aceton is better and aggresive. The Epoxy is like a gel after that.

    Sometimes it needs more aggressive accid to remove Epoxy or a IC case. I take HNO3 on 50° C min. 90% and some H2SO4 mixture is 1:2

    But be carefull this is a realy dangerous mix of accid. Prevent your Eyes and Fingers!

  2. The mixture of HNO3 and H2SO4 should work.

  3. How do I contact The e-mail is not working I just get an error as e-mails just are sent back.


  4. Dear John the Email adress works fine, maybe you have to remove the AT and use a @ :)

    or your svenks provider has troubleshooting on mobile network?

  5. Hello,

    Of course I use the "@" ^_^. I guess you can see my e-mail, maybe you can send an e-mail so I can reply, I would like a quote on something if possible.

    Thank you.

  6. I sendet you the email addy direct to you, check your provider maybe he is blacklistet (SPAM).

    Alternativ you can answer to my email i can forward :)
    Can you send the ERROR log of your mail delivery to me? <- automatic forward to flylogic

  7. I also sent e-mail twice and got no response. how do I get in touch, I used ***

    ***removed for spam protection.

  8. Ok, i see there is a big problem for some people to send a email. I think your email is blocked by the provider (blacklisted) or some other problems on a Spam filter. I fixed the problem (i hope) and now you can send emails directly with this form:
    should be much easyer and i can find out the email problem as well.

    But ithink your email is blocked or marked as spam, lots of providers has blocked the free yahoo or google services. Today i got a message from my provider that Google and other freemail provider are marked as spam, i had to setup my own filter system to receive them.

    Spam prevention :(

  9. Now able to send messages through the second link, and got up automatic email confirmation .. Just do not even got no response from the quotation requested .. :-)

  10. Hey, Flylogic is no fast food diner that opened 24/7 :)

    Maybe someone is not able to responds:

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