Friday, August 6, 2010

Echostar v NDS appellate court ruling update

Normally, I would not mix non-technical with the blog however I thought this deserved a little more attention that it has received.

The ruling which states that NDS has won the lawsuit, vindicates myself and puts Echostar owing NDS almost 18,000,000.00 USD has come down as of 2 days ago.  You can download ruling in PDF form here.

As well I thought it nice to mention that neither Flylogic nor myself works for/or with Echostar, Nagra, NDS or any other conditional access company in any way or form.

I wish all persons whom this lawsuit effects the best (yes even you Charlie),

Christopher Tarnovsky


  1. Chris, ... you should talk about the whole thing... and not only about case costs...

    NDS-ECHO Verdict : 3 x GUILTY on 6 main points JURORS agreed with ECHO.

    CT that's the truth ...

    See :

    We could also talk about the Mediaguard C+ case (Rupert in person bought Tele+ for 1 Billion USD when it was loosing 400 Millions, and had included on conditions the end of the C+ Case against NDS) ... and what about the Viaccess 2.3 hack... The Nagra Boot Rom you emailed me...


  2. No reason to ping-pong this Jan, please read the Appellate court ruling which discusses the Jury not finding anything guilty except testing of a DirecTv smartcard on the Nagra system.

    Sorry if you feel different.

    If you are refering to ST16CF54A System-ROM, this is not Nagra bootrom FYI and is common to all ST16CF54A smartcards.

    Thank you,

  3. Just saw this article Jan-

    The verdict.pdf had three checked guilty boxes all relating to testing the P1 card without Dish/Nagra's permission.

    Taken from the article-

    "Instead, the federal jury found that NDS had violated the Cable Communications Policy Act and California Penal Code by conducting a test in which an NDS employee gained access to all of EchoStar’s programming even though he only had a basic subscription. NDS didn’t deny it had conducted this test."

    Everything else mentioned above about C+, Viaccess is all rumors regarding who broke it. NDS reverse-engineering other peoples technology wasn't illegal. Nagra admitted in court to spending ~$13,000,000 USD to open an office in Rancho Bernardo, California for the sole purpose of reverse-engineering the Motorola STB used for Cable TV!!!!!




    As Rupert Murdoch faces accusations of lawbreaking at his British tabloids, Panorama reveals fresh hacking allegations striking at the heart of News Corporation's pay-TV empire.

  7. Well if EchoStar and NagraStar and others hadn’t interfered with my evidence against them, the world would now know that on a balance of probabilities the thing was an inside job….(Nigel Jones came close however.)

    As we speak the media has the evidence the jury never got to hear in the California action. This evidence is the actual code not “he-said, they said” stuff….but The SMOKING GUN.

    If Panoroma or anyone wants to have the truth about the Nagra-One ROM 2 and ROM 3 hack…feel free to contact me….it’s time to ‘whistle-blow’!