Saturday, September 13, 2008

New author- Begrüßenswert Herr Karsten Nohl!

We are proud to announce that those who enjoy reading the blog (which we appologize for the lack of content lately) can soon enjoy reading posts from Karsten Nohl as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with Karsten, he played an important role in the discovery and analysis of the Crypto-1 mathmatical algorithm found in Philips (NXP) Mifare RFID devices.

He recently obtained his PhD from University of Virginia in the United States.  He's a known within the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Germany as well.

We too look forward to reading Karsten's posts.  Feel free to give Karsten a round of applause by posting a quick comment!

Karsten- Congratulations on your PhD!!


  1. Congratulations! Now let's see the matlab logic cell identification code posted ;-)

  2. Excellent! I had stopped coming by this blog because of the lack of new content, I am excited to read the new posts!

    Congratulations Karsten on your PhD!

  3. Welcome ob Board :D (grüß an den CCC)

  4. I just read through the slides from Nohl's and Starbug's talk at 25C3 about chip rev eng and came dumping to this blog. They were really interesting and got me curious to learn more.

    I see the last update of the blog was Sept'08. I hope you'll try to revive it, as a fresh start of the new year or something.

    Eliot: I'm also curious about the "degate" software that was shown on one of the 25C3 slides ;-)

  5. Hi Karsten,

    have you already be thinking of reverse engeneering of the chips
    like those on HP- inkjet cartreges? They use in a moment bankcard chips from

    Kind Regards